Duncan Shearer
Studio Potter

Wood fired soda glazed domestic ware


I am a studio potter based in Mackaytown, Paeroa, New Zealand and specialise mainly in wheel thrown work. I also enjoy wood firing and vapour glazing.
My Galleries page has links to my picture galleries and information about why I make these kinds of pots.
The Information page has my contact details, my gallery contacts and lots more.
I’m keen to take on workshops and other teaching assignments and I have more information about what kinds of classes I run under my Teaching page.
My Glaze Technology page contains a basic glaze course and information useful for exploring the world of glazing.
Another of my interests is kiln designs and I have built a number of wood fired, gas and diesel fired kilns, see these on the Kilns page along with other radical kiln ideas.

Latest News

Latest News

November 2019

One last firing before Christmas, probably late December

The 2020 Workshop Series is now posted on the TEACHING page

24 Nov: A Fast Firing

My last firing on the 9th November was the quickest on record, coming in at 11.5 hours. This was due to the wood all being dry pallet boards with few bearers. It…

05 Nov: Kiln building in Dunedin

About the time I was finishing off the rebuilding of Petra’s kiln last year an email arrived from the Otago Potters Group asking if I would head south and build a kiln…

10 Jun: Mid-Winter Firing

This mid-winter firing was a chance for me to roll out the new Barium Blue glaze that I had been testing in the last 2 firings. So I’ve tried it on a…