There is a beautiful thing that happens when I use a favourite mug or bowl in my daily rituals of eating and drinking; it is a connection between the maker of the pot and me on a level that makes no sense to translate into words, but is all the more real because of that lack. This link between makers and users is what functional ceramics is all about. It is such a valuable quality that all makers of functional domesticware share in it. I love the challenge of working within a tradition that encompasses all manner of useful ceramics – the beauty of a mug’s lip, the seductive curve of a jug’s handle and the invitation of a spout are all rich sources of inspiration. I try to balance the urge of constant inventiveness with a consistency and repetition of a form. Currently I fire my work in my fast fire kiln – see the KILN page for more details and I squirt a bit of soda around to enliven the surfaces and bring an added punch to the colours.

Updated March 2020