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My journey in ceramics started when I was 16, at a night class run by the Auckland Studio Potters. But it wasn’t until I started studying ceramics at tertiary level that I realised that I was hooked. For the last 22 years I’ve been a professional potter, developing my love of clay and fire.

If you want to purchase some of work from the last firing then head over to my store page.

Check out my Posts page for how my last woodfiring went.

The Pottery page has also all been updated with my latest work with the newest pots featured first.

If you want  to know more about me or find an outlet for my work then check out the Information page.


If you want a kiln built or advice about firing - then please get in touch. I've built wood and oil kilns for myself and clients, including anagama, bourry, dutch oven, salt and soda kilns. I also have experimented with a variety of performance kiln.

Rahu Road Pottery and Gallery

In 2015 Charade and I moved to Rahu Road and started building our pottery. Check out pottery website and blog for more information - especially about the workshops we run.


I have taught a variety of classes and workshops over the years - from beginner to tertiary level. Currently I run my own workshop series through Rahu Road Pottery.