24 August 2022

Fibre insulation

The most important last job on the kiln was insulating the chamber arch and firebox arch. The chamber needed two layers of fibre, then tin foil (to prevent moisture from the adobe layers soaking the fibre) then two different formulations of adobe. There will be a final abode layer over the chamber after the firing as well. The firebox needed another insulating adobe layer as well.

The kiln pack was a bit different as I had two large planters to fit in as raw pots, which would mean a slow firing. This would also help dry the kiln out more before reaching the high temperatures at the end of the firing

First load in the firebox
Big pots in the chamber

Another difference with this first firing was the amount of soda sprayed in was stepped up more than a third, to 2kg. This was to counter the absorption by the hard brick of some of the soda, usually only needed in the first firing. The kiln fired well and although a richer look than normal, still produced some nice pots.

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