I’ve always had a soft spot for the bottle form. When I was learning how to make pots at UNITEC it was a shape that challenged me, one I felt I had to master. I didn’t get close to perfecting it but I did get to understand some of its subtleties. My current fascination with the form has grown out of the need to have another form that can cope with my kiln, in particular the firebox and fit in with my Albarelli to aid in stacking. So partly prosaically and partly aesthetically I’m now a regular bottle thrower. The form also throws up challenges that allow me to experiment with solutions – handles are a good case in point. The choice of loops, lugs, or finger catchers has to be made for each variation. Does a fat bottom need a chunky lug? So I’ll be experimenting and if you visit the page regularly you’ll see an evolution of the bottle form.