This firing has been the most affected this year from the COVID 19 lockdowns and alert levels. Mainly as I’m not allowed access to my usually wood source until we drop to level 1. I’ve already burnt through the wood I sourced early in the year and so I’ve been on the wood scrounge. The upside is I’ve found another source that seems to be working out OK.

The firing went well and was the usual 13 hour duration, opening the kiln revealed good reduction and colour on the pots. I was testing about 5 glazes or slips and so was most interested to see how they came out. In the end only one was a success – a lovely new Shino glaze that will be tried out on some bigger forms next firing.

The kiln chamber needed a bit of work – chipping off the glaze running off the walls where it meets the floor and bashing the throat wall back into shape. All ready for the next workshop firing.

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