Despite a wet week leading up to the firing and a wood issue that was resolved at the last minute by Laurie, the firing turned out to be very successful. I’ve replaced the old arch insulation as it was starting to work its way into the kiln and leaving crumbs on the bowls. So I chipped it off and added fibre and then a layer of insulating adobe, which insulates the kiln better anyway.
The weather was windy but fine and the kiln performed its usual 12.5 hour firing to cone 11 flat. The new soda wand was much improved after I added a ball valve to control the flow.
The new glazes were interesting and showed promise, probably a bit of tweaking needed. My new Karangahake flashing slip is producing a lighter, softer slipped look, a nice contrast to the dark 1:1:1 or Rahu flashing.
Examples of the recent firing have been added to the various galleries

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