This mid-winter firing was a chance for me to roll out the new Barium Blue glaze that I had been testing in the last 2 firings. So I’ve tried it on a number of forms and it certainly provides a punch of colour. I’m still seeing how it can be best used and what clays/slips/kiln position I need to watch out for. The Green to Black glaze is also getting more use as I understand the most appropriate ways to apply it to my work.

It’s fun trying out new combinations in the kiln, I look forward more to how my tests look as I do the standard ware. Another line of interest is the layers I’m using on my teabowls, with a beautiful soft smokey effect coming from my Rahu Hakeme slip with a white shino over the top.

This firing didn’t provide as much wood ash effects in the firebox, mainly because the pallet pine burns away so quick and the light ash isn’t settling onto the work. I didn’t have much other wood to burn this time.

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  1. Elisabeth Wernli

    Lovely work Duncan. I’m experimenting with fake Shino and crackle glazes in my electric kiln. It IS fun.

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